:- Copyright(c) 2010 All Rights Reserved :- :- This script is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify :- it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by :- the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or :- (at your option) any later version. :- :- This script is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, :- but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of :- MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the :- GNU General Public License for more details. :- :- //================================================================================ * Description //================================================================================ :- phMailer is a very simple PHP mail script that supports attachments. This is very helpful if you want your :- visitors to be able to contact you without them knowing your real email address. On great feature of this :- script is the ability to allow users to attach multiple files when sending an email directly from your site. Of :- course, you can disable this feature if you wish. Any file type is accepted as long as they are included in your :- file extension list. Another popular use for a PHP email form is protection against spam bots. Spam, is a major :- downside of email, and placing your email publicly on your website is asking for spam. Spam bots can take your :- email address right off your site and add it to thousands of spam databases, resulting in a never ending supply :- of spam for you. I coded this script, because I couldn't find a simple mail script that would allow my visitors to :- send me attachments while keeping my email hidden from spam bots. //================================================================================ * Setup //================================================================================ :- To setup this script, simply upload this file to your website. Then edit the variables found herein to adjust :- how the form works. //================================================================================ * Change log //================================================================================ :- Version 1.0 :- 1) Initial Release :- Version 1.1 :- 1) Minor bug fixes / html improvement :- Version 1.2 :- 1) Added CSS styling :- 2) Cleaned html and improved form style :- 3) Removed html embedded directly in php tags :- 4) Improved security checks to prevent forging email headers :- Version 1.3 :- 1) Cleaned up html and CSS styles :- 2) Added support to attach multiple files :- 3) Minor bug fixes :- Version 1.4 :- 1) Re-write of many core functions to improve attachment handling :- 2) Added feature that allows users to select an email address from a drop down :- 3) Minor bug fixes :- Version 1.5 :- 1) Added multiple new security checks to prevent email header forging. :- 2) Cleaned up script and reduced PHP needed to complete tasks. :- 3) Minor bug fixes :- Version 1.5.1 :- 1) Cleaned up script and reduced PHP needed to complete tasks. :- 2) Added text/html as email type to allow users to use line breaks when sending a message. Messages :- now display correctly in newer email clients such as Gmail. :- 3) Removed unnecessary email headers and improved standardization :- 4) Made sure script is completely compatible with PHP 5.3.x //================================================================================ * Frequently Asked Questions //================================================================================ :- Q1: I never receive any mail, but people say they have emailed me through the form. :- 1) Try the mailtest.php file that came with this script. If that fails, then mail() is probably not setup right. :- 2) Double check to make sure your email address is correct. :- 3) Try using the form with $allowattach set to 0. It could be your mail server rejecting the mail :- because of attachments. :- 4) If you are on windows, make sure your SMTP is set to your mail server. If you are on Linux, make sure :- your sendmail path if correct. Again, ask your host if you are unsure about this. :- Q2: I never receive any attachments. :- 1) Maybe your server has some security against uploading files or sending attachments through mail, :- check with your host on this issue. This script does send attachments, it's been tested many :- times on many different platforms and versions of PHP with safe mode on and off. :- 2) Maybe the files people are submitting are too big. Check php.ini for the post_max_size, :- upload_max_filesize, file_uploads, max_execution_time you may have to check with your host on this. :- :- Q3: The page takes long to load and then gives me a page cannot be displayed or a blank page. :- 1) This is usually due to a low value in php.ini for "max_execution_time". :- 2) A newer ini setting "max_file_uploads" in php 5.2.12 was added which may be limiting the number of simultaneous uploads. :- 3) Your "upload_max_filesize" and "post_max_size" in php.ini might be set to low. :- :- Q4: How do I edit the colors of the form? :- 1) You will need to edit the CSS near the bottom of the script to change the looks and colors of the form. :- Check for more information on CSS. :- :- Q5: Can I add more fields for the users to enter information in? :- 1) That's the beauty of PHP! It's open source, you can edit it all you want, change whatever you don't like. :- Just please leave in my copyright. So many times I see my script without it and it makes me sad. :- :- Q6: Dude! Can you add more fields for me? I don't know PHP! :- 1) Maybe, but I do usually charge a fee depending on what you want done. Don't freak out! It's usually :- a very small one. I can't do everything for free.. :- :- Q7: Can I remove your copyright link? :- 1) I can't physically stop you. However, I really appreciate it when people leave it intact. :- Some people donate $5, $10, $20 to take it off. :- :- Q8: You never respond to my emails or to my questions in your forums! :- 1) I'm a very busy guy. I'm out of town a lot, and at any given time I have several projects going on. :- I get a lot of emails about this script, not to mention my other ones. :- 2) I only understand English. If your English is very bad please write in your native language and then :- translate it to English using . :- 3) If you are going to contact me, describe the issue you are having as completely as possible. :- "dude me form don't work see it at what's wrong??!?!" will get no response, ever. Write :- in detail what the problem is. Spend a minute on it, and maybe I'll take some of my time to reply. /* //================================================================================ * ! ATTENTION ! //================================================================================ :- Please read the above FAQ before emailing me/ */ // This will show in the browsers title bar and at the top of the form. $websitename="Your Website"; // Allowed file types. Please remember to keep the format of this array, add the file extensions you want // WITHOUT the dot. Please also be aware that certain file types (such as exe) may contain malware. $allowtypes=array("xlsx", "xls", "txt", "doc", "jpg", "png", "gif", "docx",); // What's your email address? Seperate email addresses with commas for multiple email addresses. $myemail=""; // What priority should the script send the mail? 1 (Highest), 2 (High), 3 (Normal), 4 (Low), 5 (Lowest). $priority="3"; // Should we allow visitors to attach files? How Many? 0 = Do not allow attachments, // 1 = allow only 1 file to be attached, 2 = allow two files etc. $allowattach="1"; // Maximum file size for attachments in KB NOT Bytes for simplicity. MAKE SURE your php.ini can handel it, // post_max_size, upload_max_filesize, file_uploads, max_execution_time! // 2048kb = 2MB, 1024kb = 1MB, 512kb = 1/2MB etc.. $max_file_size="1024"; // Maximum file size for all attachments combined in KB. MAKE SURE your php.ini can handel it, // post_max_size, upload_max_filesize, file_uploads, max_execution_time! // 2048kb = 2MB, 1024kb = 1MB, 512kb = 1/2MB etc.. $max_file_total="2048"; // Value for the Submit Button $submitvalue=" Send Email "; // Value for the Reset Button $resetvalue=" Reset Form "; // Default subject? This will be sent if the user does not type in a subject $defaultsubject="No Subject"; // Because many requested it, this feature will add a drop down box for the user to select a array of // subjects that you specify below. // True = Use this feature, False = do not use this feature $use_subject_drop=false; // This is an array of the email subjects the user can pick from. Make sure you keep the format of // this array or you will get errors. // Look at for examples on how to use this feature. $subjects=array("Department 1", "Department 2", "Department 3"); // This is an array of the email addresses for the array above. There must be an email FOR EACH // array value specified above. You can have only 1 department if you want. // YOU MUST HAVE THE SAME AMMOUNT OF $subjects and $emails or this WILL NOT work correctly! // The emails also must be in order for what you specify above! // Seperate email addresses by a comma to send an email to multiple addresses. $emails=array("", "", ""); // This is the message that is sent after the email has been sent. You can use html here. // If you want to redirect users to another page on your website use this: // $thanksmessage="Thank you! Your email has been sent, we will respond shortly."; /* //================================================================================ * ! ATTENTION ! //================================================================================ : Don't edit below this line. */ // Function to get the extension of the uploaded file. function get_ext($key) { $key=strtolower(substr(strrchr($key, "."), 1)); $key=str_replace("jpeg", "jpg", $key); return $key; } // Function used to attach files to the message function phattach($file, $name, $boundary) { $fp=fopen($file, "r"); $str=fread($fp, filesize($file)); $str=chunk_split(base64_encode($str)); $message="--".$boundary."\n"; $message.="Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name=\"".$name."\"\n"; $message.="Content-disposition: attachment; filename=\"".$name."\"\n"; $message.="Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64\n"; $message.="\n"; $message.="$str\n"; $message.="\n"; return $message; } //Little bit of security from people forging headers. People are mean sometimes :( function clean_msg($key) { $key=str_replace("\r", "", $key); $key=str_replace("\n", "", $key); $find=array( "/bcc\:/i", "/Content\-Type\:/i", "/Mime\-Type\:/i", "/cc\:/i", "/to\:/i" ); $key=preg_replace($find, "", $key); return $key; } // Initilize some variables $error=""; $sent_mail=false; // When the form is submitted If($_POST['submit']==true) { extract($_POST, EXTR_SKIP); // Check the form for errors If(trim($yourname)=="") { $error.="You did not enter your name!
"; } If(trim($youremail)=="") { $error.="You did not enter your email!
"; } Elseif(!preg_match("/^\w+([\.-]?\w+)*@\w+([\.-]?\w+)*(\.\w{2,})+$/", $youremail)) { $error.="Invalid email address.
"; } If(trim($emailsubject)=="") { $emailsubject=$defaultsubject; } If(trim($yourmessage)=="") { $error.="You did not enter a message!
"; } // Verify Attchment info If($allowattach > 0) { // Get the total size of all uploaded files If((array_sum($_FILES['attachment']['size'])) > ($max_file_total*1024)) { $error.="The max size allowed for all your files is ".$max_file_total."kb
"; } Else { //Loop through each of the files For($i=0; $i <= $allowattach-1; $i++) { If($_FILES['attachment']['name'][$i]) { //Check if the file type uploaded is a valid file type. If(!in_array(get_ext($_FILES['attachment']['name'][$i]), $allowtypes)) { $error.= "Invalid file type for your file: ".$_FILES['attachment']['name'][$i]."
"; //Check the size of each file } Elseif(($_FILES['attachment']['size'][$i]) > ($max_file_size*1024)) { $error.= "Your file: ".$_FILES['attachment']['name'][$i]." is to big.
"; } // If in_array } // If Files } // For } // Else array_sum($_FILES['attachment']['size']) } // If Allowattach If($error) { $display_message=$error; } Else { If($use_subject_drop AND is_array($subjects) AND is_array($emails)) { $subject_count=count($subjects); $email_count=count($emails); If($subject_count==$email_count) { $myemail=$emails[$emailsubject]; $emailsubject=$subjects[$emailsubject]; } // If $subject_count } // If $use_subject_drop $boundary=md5(uniqid(time())); //Headers $headers="Return-Path: <".clean_msg($youremail).">\n"; $headers.="From: ".clean_msg($yourname)." <".clean_msg($youremail).">\n"; $headers.="X-Mailer: PHP/".phpversion()."\n"; $headers.="X-Sender: ".$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']."\n"; $headers.="X-Priority: ".$priority."\n"; $headers.="MIME-Version: 1.0\n"; $headers.="Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary=\"".$boundary."\"\n"; $headers.="This is a multi-part message in MIME format.\n"; //Message $message = "--".$boundary."\n"; $message.="Content-Type: text/html; charset=\"iso-8859-1\"\n"; $message.="Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable\n"; $message.="\n"; $message.=clean_msg(nl2br(strip_tags($yourmessage))); $message.="\n"; //Add attachments to message If($allowattach > 0) { For($i=0; $i <= $allowattach-1; $i++) { If($_FILES['attachment']['tmp_name'][$i]) { $message.=phattach($_FILES['attachment']['tmp_name'][$i], $_FILES['attachment']['name'][$i], $boundary); } //If $_FILES['attachment']['name'][$i] } //For } // If // End the message $message.="--".$boundary."--\n"; // Send the completed message If(!mail($myemail, clean_msg($emailsubject), $message, $headers)) { Exit("An error has occured, please report this to the website administrator.\n"); } Else { $sent_mail=true; } } // Else } // $_POST /* //================================================================================ * Start the form layout //================================================================================ :- Use the html below to customize the form. */ ?> Editors Academy - Submit Manuscript

Manuscript Submission

You can use the simple form below to send your paper to us for editing.

0) {?>
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If you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us through this email address:

Depending on the urgency of your request, you may also choose between standard service that will deliver your paper back within 5 days and Express service that will deliver your paper back within a speedy 48 hours.


  • Payment can be made in Euros (€), British Pounds (£) or US Dollars ($). Please use the currency converter to convert from Euros to other currencies.